1. Term of Student Intern Agreement

This Student Intern Agreement shall begin on the date designated above and shall continue until terminated in accordance with this section. INTO UNIVERSITY and the Student Intern both reserve and shall have the unconditional right to terminate and cancel this Student Intern Agreement at any time by providing at least two weeks written notice to the other party.


  1. Services


The Student Intern agrees to provide services as may be requested by the INTO UNIVERSITY which includes among others ___________________________________________________________________________________________________.The Student Intern understands, acknowledges and agrees that he/she will be expected to send a weekly report to the company’s mail address every Friday and appear in person at our corporate office once in two weeks to give a detailed report of his/her activities. This serves as a basis for payment consideration even if target was not met.


  1. Compensation and Status


The Basic compensation which shall be due to the Student Intern shall be the amount of N3,000 only per month worked by the Student Intern having completed all the assignment for the month. Meanwhile, if the monthly assignments are met and exceeded, Student intern shall be entitled to an attractive commission based on the productivity to the tune of #20,000 or more monthly. The Student Intern shall be paid on a bi-weekly basis. However, Intern understands, acknowledges and agrees that he/she be entitled to or receives any of the benefits afforded to employees of INTO UNIVERSITY.


The Student Intern understands, acknowledges and agrees that he/she must be enrolled in a higher educational institution and be considered full-time by that institution. The Student Intern further certifies that in the event that the terms of the enrollment changes that he/she will immediately notify the INTO UNIVERSITY and that failure to report such change may result in the termination of the contract.

  1. Invoicing


Time and activity reports shall be submitted to INTO UNIVERSITY on a weekly basis. Payment for services shall be made based on the submission of such report.


  1. Confidentiality


Any information in the records and files of INTO UNIVERSITY and records and files of her students shall be considered confidential by law. Student Intern agrees that he/she shall not in any circumstances divulge any of INTO UNIVERSITY’s sensitive information to outsiders will be bound by the provisions of company policy and interpretation of those statutes as if he/she were an “employee” under the terms of those policies.


  1. Approval


This contract must be approved by Human Resources office. In order to make this determination the Student Intern must complete an application.


  1. Assignment


This Student Intern Agreement shall be binding and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and shall not be assigned or transferred.


  1. Non-Exclusive Contract

It is the understanding by the parties here to that this Student Intern Agreement is not an exclusive one, INTO UNIVERSITY reserving the right to assign similar work to other parties if INTO UNIVERSITY so desires.




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