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12 thoughts on “Internship Form”

  1. I still don’t get the reason why i have to drop my matric number. Tho i knew about this program from an advert i saw on the notice board. Nonetheless, you don’t wanna expect me to trust you so much that i would put down my matric number just like that. You said high school leaver and undergraduate. So why matric number again?

    1. Thank you for your interest in the first place.

      We can assure you that all your information with us will be treated as extremely confidential.

      However, if you are not comfortable with it, you can leave that and complete others. Thank you

  2. We need verbal/face-face enlightenment, training and coaching on this, it will convey more messages than ordinary postal can do.
    And since it has to do we internet, how about interested applicants who had no computer/system, any way out
    Salihu Aminu.

    1. Thank you for your kind interest in the first place. We strongly believe that every undergraduate should have accessvto internet especially in this jet age but yet, we had provision for those who doesn’t have inline access yet. You can go ahead and complete the form. You will be contacted within the hour. You can also visit our office at Tanke or call 07030292347 for further clarification. Thank you

  3. What abt now? it late?.. nd y all dis info?..wats wit d bank info,nd stuff? Jst fil so uncomfortable filin d form..nid enlightenment on d program itself..cant tak action on an advert i saw on d notice board

    1. Hello Hannah. Thank you for your interest in the first place. It is not too late to be part of the internship programme. You can still participate by completing the form online.

      The bank details that was requested is the only medium for payment of monthly remuneration and commission.

      All our interns serve as an ambassador of the company in respective places basically to introduce the company to admission seekers into universities within and outside the country either via one on one interaction or through social media platforms.

      We provide admission support services for them and get them into Uni while interns get their salary and commission.

      You can visit our head office beside Sanrab filling station at Tanke or our office inside the university campus. (No 10, SUG Shopping complex, beside Zamfara hostel, Unilorin PS).

      If you still need further clarifications, you can call or Whatsapp 07030292347. Thank you.

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